Benefits of a Field House

Benefits of a Field House
  1. Provide a bright, spacious environment for our entire community to enjoy exceptional athletic and performing arts events with bleacher seating for 450 people.
  2. Double the number of co-curricular offerings we can provide on our own campus.
  3. Allow athletic teams to practice on campus, saving transport time and expense.
  4. Provide regulation-sized basketball and volleyball courts to host tournaments and games, boosting school spirit and revenue for the school.
  5. Ensure full accessibility for students, family members, and guests with disabilities.
  6. Maintain student safety with a protected drop-off and pick-up location.
  7. Provide dedicated space for athletic faculty to coach and review strategy.
  8. Enhance storage space to maintain our equipment investments.
  9. Provide a dance studio for ballet and modern dance classes, martial arts, yoga, and small-group rehearsal space for musicals and plays.
  10. Provide locker rooms for changing.
  11. Provide adequate bathrooms.
  12. Host a state-of-the-art sound system for concerts, plays, presentations, and lectures.
  13. Allow us to accommodate two different classes or activities at one time.
  14. Enable us to build community awareness about MMS by hosting other schools in the Milwaukee Area.

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