Two Stories

Two Stories

MMS Dream Team Overcomes Obstacles: A Student Reflection

In 2006, we started playing together as a basketball team. At nine-years-old, we were dedicated, to say the least. We practiced outside on the MMS sports court, which was turf on top of sand, that makes bouncing a basketball pretty rough. We walked to Cannon Park to practice and trained outside doing push-ups, sprints, and jumps. We took buses to three different school gyms, and then on weekends, we would meet at some agreed-upon gym to practice there. We did that for years. In fact, in 7th and 8th grade, the team met every Tuesday and Friday after practices in Brian Mays [fellow teammate] basement to lift weights. The effort paid off. The Junior High Boy’s Basketball Team thrived, earning first place trophies in tournaments every year. In 8th grade, we were superstars, known in the conference league as the team to beat.

Looking back, we did pretty well given the fact that the school does not have a gym. But it took so much time constantly figuring out when to practice, where to practice, how to get to a practice space, and arranging rides home or back to MMS at the end of the day. The teams who owned the gyms got preferential practice times because, well, the gyms belonged to them, and they didn’t care if we got enough practice time. We had to work around funerals at the church ’s gym, and there were a few days each month where we just took our team into the grotto school to practice dribbling around our lunch tables.

It is shocking that we were any good at all. Truthfully, I can’t even imagine how good we would have been if we had our own athletic space.

Frazier Keener ‘13

Holiday Concerts: It’s Like Black Friday

The day of a holiday concert, I feel like I have to wake up at 4 AM to get a good seat. In fact, the night before, I map out my strategy, thinking, “which side of the room will my kids be on? Do I cut across the back of the gym in order to dodge the crowd as they surge in? What should I wear in the event I have to clamor over a seat? What if a tall dad sits in front of me? Will I still be able to see my child?” I can’t tell you how many holiday concert photos I have that only show the top of my daughter’s head. I would be so happy if MMS had its own performance space.


Catherine Lee, MMS Parent

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